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Making startups more investable

How We Currently Work with Startups

Holistic Advisor, Capital Partner, Investor

Our usual initial engagement is as an advisor, working with early stage startups on the most critical factors that will make them more investable, because attracting capital is critical to be able to grow and return to stakeholders. During this time, we get to know each other in qualitative and quantitative ways to understand how we can mutually succeed. We believe this period of relationship-building is the best due diligence with early stage startups helping us understand how to be the best possible capital partner.

Once more capital-ready, we will work with our portfolio companies to bring in capital and revenues, investing in the most promising.


If you are interested in being in our portfolio, please contact us.


Our strategy is to build smaller, thoughtfully curated portfolios, working as partners with our companies to enhance the potential of our entire portfolio to ultimately return consistently and well, rather than cast a larger net to play the odds.
Current Advisory Portfolio (in formation)
FairFare logo cropped Feb23.png

FairFare is a transportation data company working to maximize shifting human movement patterns to ensure equitable access

17 Ways is helping companies understand and capture the up to 80% of ESG value residing with suppliers

We are currently talking with several exciting companies about  bringing them into our portfolio, so check back for updates.

If you are interested in our portfolio, whether as a startup or investor, please contact us


Previous Investments & Exit

GrowSquare logo Feb23.png
Logo 1.png

GrowSquares utilizes a number of technologies (LiDAR, SAR, spectroscopic methods, etc.) to provide more accurate analyses of micro-environments in order to increase crop yields gives brands verified proof of who their biggest fans are & provides special access to anything online or offline 

Launched 2016, exited 2018

17 Ways is helping companies capture up to 80% of their ESG value residing with suppliers

Our Community

We're building an ecosystem where stakeholders contribute and benefit.
If interested in joining our community, please reach out via our contact form.


We are looking for

  • Data-heavy emerging tech startups with potential to be vastly transformative ​​

  • Early stage companies - we especially welcome the range of pre-launch/idea to series A startups​​ and startups looking to enter the US market

  • Diverse teams and under-represented founders

  • Enterprise startups (no retail/consumer, gaming, advertising, trading)​​

  • Creative, ambitious, thoughtful, flexible founders building 21st century solutions & infrastructure


Serval is building a community of experts with critical experiences to help our portfolio startups accelerate their velocity to- and in-market.

Currently, we are especially looking for mentors with the following expertise & experienceemerging tech; creative strategy, complex systems​; maximizing human talent; high-level product development, UI/UX; early stage finance; growth hacking, go to market; sophisticated/creative digital marketing; business/revenue development; corporate partnerships & integration; familiarity with various regulatory systems; cross cultural business; political connections & experience.


We are continually building our network of co- and future investors for our portfolio companies, as well as LPs interested in a more thoughtfully and diversified alternatives exposure.

We are also building relationships with grantors, PE firms & investors, investment bankers, alternative & venture debt partners, commercial banks, and other capital


We are about to launch our Fellows program for high-level, experienced professionals with expertise in critical areas such as data, tech (esp. AI, blockchain), engineering, and complex systems who are interested in advising startups, working on specific projects, and helping mentor the next generation of talent on an ad hoc basis. Reach out if interested & we'll send you more info.



If you are a corporation interested in getting early access to our transformative talented community, portfolio companies & their solutions, want an innovation partner for projects or to sponsor potential events, please reach out and let's talk.

We are continually bringing on select high-performing interns - career changers, post docs, grad students, undergrads - who are interested in gaining experience, exposure, and potential opportunities in innovation, with startups, and our venture building and investing. If interested, please submit your resume and a cover letter.

June W Choi, founding Managing Partner

JWChoi tight crop.jpeg

June W Choi launched Serval Ventures in 2015 in New York. Serval is an emerging tech & infrastructure venture builder, investor, and innovation partner, focusing on emerging tech such as data, AI, blockchain, to accelerate the velocity of transformative solutions to market by helping develop creative strategies, nurturing promising talent, and building global relationships. We collaborate with portfolio companies to increase revenues, valuations, and potential investment returns.      

June is an investor, master mentor, startup advisor, entrepreneurship teacher, systems innovation strategist and consultant, experienced executive, speaker, and aggregate complex systems 4D thinker.                              

Before launching Serval, June ran a change management consulting firm working on issues such as strategic planning, board development, financial/operational systems and processes, cultural/diversity/inclusion issues, succession planning, fundraising and investment planning, trainings, and facilitation. June also has broad experience in nonprofit and philanthropy, and has served on numerous panels, committees and boards.

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