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Emerging Tech & Infrastructure
Venture Builder & Investor


Our Core Values & Drivers

At Serval Ventures, we are working to evolve venture investing by taking a more

holistic approach to working with and investing in startups to build a better 21st century.

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Make startups more consistently successful

Our framework is geared to helping founding teams focus on the most essential 20/80, increasing market velocity, becoming more investable, and acting as their capital partner from early on to help more transformative startups reach exit.

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Leverage Data

We look for companies that can leverage data well, because data is the fuel of this new century. We believe that while these days tech can return single digits, data-enabled tech can produce double digit returns.

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Cultivate diverse teams & under-represented founders

Studies show that diverse teams perform better, but are hard to form and manage well. We have experience developing and working with diverse teams, as well as guiding promising talent from a broader swath of the public rise to new levels.

Just launched!

Find out how investable your early stage startup is based on our proprietary rubric


Serval Ventures is an emerging tech & infrastructure venture builder and investor. We are working to evolve venture investment to thoughtfully accelerate the velocity of transformative solutions to- and in-market.

We spent the early years researching how to guide startups to success, developed an innovation roadmap, a soft skills overlay, and have a POC first exit.

Servals are medium-sized African cats that are one of the fastest and most nimble animals on the planet, exactly how we want our portfolio companies to be.

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