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Serval Ventures

Venture builder, Investor, Innovation partner

AI, data, mixed reality, blockchain



Our Story

Serval Ventures is committed to evolving venture investment. We're passionate about applied emerging tech to build and grow transformative products and startups, globally, with a focus on enterprise, across industries. We believe early stage startup success is the key to our success. Hence, Serval has designed a 2-pronged approach to working with startups centered around our Innovation Roadmap (idea to series A in 2yrs) and our coaching framework developed through years of experience with entrepreneurs.

Servals are medium-sized African cats that are some of the fastest and most nimble animals on the planet, just like we want our companies to be.

Who We Are

Serval's expanding core team represents a diverse mix of expertise and experience.

June W Choi, CEO

Oliver Christie, AI partner

David Kalow, IP strategy

Wylie Luo, operations strategy

Omari Edwards, tech strategy

David S. Lee-Golden Castle Partners, corp biz dev

Matthew Price-Reality Science, neuroscience 

Maurice Berkower-Berkower LLC, accounting

Serval has a carefully curated and expanding network of mentors with expertise in areas such as artificial intelligence, tech, sales, data, operations, growth hacking, blockchain, global expansion, digital marketing, supply chain, storytelling, social impact, and can connect founders with the appropriate mentors, to address identified needs, at the right time.

Serval is always curating a warm network of investors and service partners to bring the right capital and value to our portfolio ventures throughout our engagement.

Our Vision

The heart of Serval is a growing community of diverse, talented people from various backgrounds and experiences around whom we are building an ecosystem to nurture their work and advancement as talented builders. We see our role as investor partners working to provide a range of robust resources necessary to support our ecosystem.

About Us




Venture Building

Serval's venture building focuses on

  • enterprise, B2B and B2B2C

  • early stage, as early as problem/idea

  • market entry in 1-3 years

  • training a talent base

  • quickly failing, iterating, and growing


Current Builds

20x (AI applied to early stage tech investing)

AI-R (AI & blockchain applied to networks)


We are often first investors leveraging our ecosystem to help founders quickly get from idea to launch, or early stage micro-investors working with startups to get to later stages faster.

Current Portfolio

Womp 3D (software for 3D printing & xR)

Alpha'a (connecting collectors with artists)



What We Offer

Innovation Partnerships

As an innovation partner, Serval can help investors, corporations, and startups with:

  • Early stage emerging tech strategies

  • Talent recruitment and training for the new tech and innovation economy

  • Development of emerging tech products to solve specific problems

  • Investment strategies and co-investment opportunities of de-risked and vetted dealflow

  • Revenue and investment strategies for corporate portfolio investments


Check back regularly for info about events, opportunities, and offers.

Coming soon, launch info about our innovation initiatives.

  • If you are a woman, person of color, or veteran in tech please sign up below for updates directly to your inbox.

What We Bring

Proprietary Frameworks

With our proprietary process frameworks, we can help founders, investors, and partners be more consistently successful with innovation than current accelerator, studio, or venture investment models.

  • Focused, accelerated building with our Innovation Roadmap (idea to series A in 2 years) and

  • Human growth and development with 3PointPath, a flexible, iterative coaching program to develop innovation mindsets

Ecosystem Approach
  • Expertise in emerging tech and business

  • Access to networks and resources

  • Community for support and organic synergies

  • An environment of supportive exploration to learn and get to market success faster

While straightforward in theory, building an ecosystem is a ​complex undertaking that many do not know how to do and have not had much experience with. Serval's community is welcoming of and includes complex thinkers who have the expertise and experience to build and manage such ecosystems.


Years of experience in innovation and business growth is something that can't be taught or passively acquired. Having access to nuanced wisdom, delivered by caring people, can dramatically help teams grow and succeed faster in the market. Serval is comprised of folks who are passionate about innovation applied to build transformation in our world, while having fun and enjoying the company of those we are on the journey with.

Why Us



New York, NY

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